Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose of Site

Why should I use Profesh?

Profesh is a fun, authentic career guide to help you optimize your career. You can use Profesh to explore industries, connect with mentors, learn new skills and most critically - land your dream job. If you have ever asked yourself "What is Investment Banking" or "How do I get into consulting?", then Profesh is here to help. Regardless of your background and current skill set, Profesh will put you on the path to finding a meaningful career.

Why Profesh over LinkedIn?

Profesh is an interactive platform specifically designed for younger generations, with fresh, bite sized content to help you learn in 5 minutes a day or less. Profesh aims to meet you where you are in your career journey, whether you are exploring options or starting to interview. Additionally, the Profesh community is based on shared interests, not your existing network, making it more diverse and accessible.

Do I get assigned a mentor?

Yes, after you sign up you will be assigned a mentor based on your desired field. Our mentors are all verified and have worked in the industry that you are interested in.

How can the mentors help me?

Your mentor is meant to help you on your career journey, providing you advice and practical knowledge to help you break into your desired industry. The mentor will also recommend others for you to network with and areas where they think you should focus.

How do I figure out what I want to do for my career?

During onboarding, make sure you choose "Not Sure" when asked about your career goals. Once logged in, Profesh has curated the best resources from around the web (and created some of their own if there was a gap) to explain each industry and give you a better sense of the work you would be doing and the skills you need to do it. That content can be found more holistically in the industry and feeds pages. The goal is to use this authentic, hand-picked content to decide which career sounds like the best fit for you.

When is Profesh most useful?

When you aren't sure about what you want to do - Profesh provides you with industry overview content, curated resources (i.e., Day in the life videos, industry trends, etc.) and access to the Profesh community. When you are kinda sure about what you want to do - Profesh provides you with curated resources (i.e., leadership thoughts, latest news, etc.), hand-picked courses and access to the Profesh community. When you are very sure of what you want to do - Profesh provides you with curated resources (i.e., interview prep), hand picked job listings, and access to the Profesh community.

What do career stage provide me?

Each stage provides only the relevant information based on what you need the most. Different resources, focused advice from mentors and unique home page information to give you the best chance at success.

How often do I need to use Profesh?

Any time spent going through Profesh will help you gain knowledge and position yourself for career advancement. Depending on where you are today, more or less time might be required. The Profesh team is confident that only 5 minutes a day will have a noticable affect on your ability to undersstand what you want and what it takes to get there. Because the content is short and fun, we hope that you use the product as you would Tik Tok or Duolingo - in short, dedicated bursts.

Who is Profesh for?

Profesh is for you! Although tailored for college students and young professionals, the resources and mentorship is available and useful to all professionals who want to optimize their career.


How do I update my stage?

Go to the profile page and click the lock next to your stage. This brings up a drop-down menu that allows you to select a new stage. After you select the new stage, click the lock again to confirm your change. You should move from one to the next only when you are ready for the next level of content.

How do I update my industry?

Go to the profile page and click the lock next to your industry. This brings up a drop-down menu that allows you to select a new industry. After you select the new industry, click the lock again to confirm your change.

What if I don't know what industry to pick?

Stick to the "Not Sure" stage and look around the site! You can check out different industries pages and filter the content to better understand different industries. Lastly, talk to your mentor - they can help.

How do I know what stage I'm at if I'm unsure?

If you find yourself asking questions like "What is consulting?", "What does a software engineer do?", or "Salaries of investment bankers?" then the Not Sure stage will be the most helpful to you. If you're questions are more along the lines of "How to become a software engineer?", "What are the major corporate investment banks?", or "How to get skills for product management?" then the Kinda Sure stage will be the most benefitial. Finally, you should use the Very Sure stage if you're asking questions like "How to get an environmental consulting job?", "Who do I talk with to get a software engineering job?", or "Product manager jobs?"

Can I reaccess videos I unliked or unsaved?

No, once you unlike or unsave a video, it will be removed from your profile screen, so if you want to come back to a video, be sure to keep it saved!

Home Page

Is there new content every day?

Yes! The content on the home page rotates every day so you can get a daily dose of information to best prepare you, no matter which stage you're at. Additionally, content is constantly being found, reviewed and added to the content feeds.

Why can I not see the same thing as my friend?

Each home page has new content every day and individualized for you based on how you use the site (similar to how Tik Tok For You pages work).

Feeds, Courses, Industries, and Jobs

Is the content exclusively from Profesh or from other sources?

Profesh curated content, courses and job opportunities from around the web. Profesh creates content where there are gaps, specifically around easy to understand industry overview content (found on the industry pages). All sources are vetted and content is reviewed by industry experts to ensure you get only the best, most helpful content.

Is there anywhere I can get general career advice?

Check out the daily page to get content from around the web focused on career development and professional well being. Content will range from "How to think about a career switch" to "How to maintain a sustainable work life balance" to much more.

What are subcategories and which ones are the most important?

Subcategories allow you to see what type of content you are getting and how it will help you. For example, "Overviews" will help you figure out your industry fit and help answer questions like "What is product management?", "What does a consultant do on a daily basis compared to what does a Investment Banker do?", and "Types of software engineers?" so it will best serve people in the Not Sure stage. On the other hand if you are in the Kinda Sure or Very Sure stage, subcategories like "Interview Prep", "Trends", and "Skills" will help more, with information like "5 skills for product managers", "How to become a software engineer?", "Case interview prep" or "Coding inteview prep", and "Key trends in investment banks."

How do I know if a course is good?

The courses are all hand-picked by trusted online sources and are curated based on the skills needed to break into your industry of choice. Profesh leaders went through 100's of job descriptions to understand requirements and found only the best resources to make sure you gain the skills needed before applying.

Should I be deterred from an industry due to gender statistics?

No! Those stats are based on a static point in time, with most industries actively improving equality and diversity. Talk with your mentor and the industry community to understand what it is truly like in the industry and what firms are best for you.

How do I get the skills listed on the industries page?

Between the courses and feeds page, all of those skills can be acquired, as well as many more!

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