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The professional world is changing.
Career navigation needs to change with it.
Profesh simplifies the career exploration process by providing free access to content, courses, community, and job opportunities; designed to get more people in the jobs they want. Our platform makes professional development and career development fun and accessible to all.
why profesh
Profesh was built by young professionals frustrated with the current landscape of career exploration. Why is there not a better alternative to Google rabbit holes and thousands of half relevant websites and forums for something so important to our long term happiness? With nowhere to turn, they decided to build the site they wish they’d had - accessible, informal, and enjoyable. Profesh is committed to demystifying the career search & leading you to your dream position. Our platform is designed to make the process of professional development and exploring fun and accessible to all.
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greg's headshot
Brooklynite, travel guy and hummus connoisseur works.
Jimmy's headshot
London export, arsenal fan, bizarre face maker on tiktok
Jake's headshot
Arizona boy, aspiring mixologist, terrible at bball.
Max's headshot
Farmer, ice-cream maker, jack-of-all-trades.
Pete's headshot
Tattoo hobbyist, monospace font king, lover of bikes.

Janu's headshot
Student at Marymount, TikTok star and social media guru.

Kendahl's headshot
Marketing manager, former teacher, forever educator.

our mission
Make career development fun and accessible to all.